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Teresa Berry and Shawn Murphy with the Wake-Up Show weekday mornings on Soft Rock 106.5 WBMW!

Teresa Berry was born to be a radio personality!  Born in Seattle, Washington, Teresa's mother worked for KYAC-AM Radio before later moving on to voice work in Germany and across the country.  She comes from a family of broadcasters - out of five siblings, four are in the radio / television business.  Berry attended Paul Quin College in Dallas, Texas, majoring in broadcast journalism.  Her ultimate goal was to be a writer, but decided TV / radio would better suit her.  

Her first big break in radio came when she worked for ABC radio in Dallas, before moving to Connecticut.  She loves music - all types and genres of music.  If you have any questions about musical acts, songs, and year, she could certainly tell you!  Growing up in Germany there was only 1 station. AFN (American Forces Network), so the format of the station was everything from Abba to Zeppelin. 

After leaving Soft Rock 106.5 and heading to Hartford’s 105.9 the River, then onto Mix 97.3 in Atlantic City, New Jersey while at the same time Berry Anchored the Morning and 5pm Newscast at WMGM-TV NBC 40 in Atlantic City!, Berry decided that WBMW was home and has been back here since 2010. She says she loves the area, the people and most of all,  the music.

Most annoying habit : I sing constantly.
Best quality : Honesty
Most proud of : My goals have been met thus far in life.
Favorite season : Christmas
My favorite hobby : Playing guitar with friends
Favorite place to relax : Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Favorite food : Tacos
Favorite dessert : Bananas foster
The one thing I would change about humanity : Change the hearts of people with evil in their hearts.
What I enjoy the most : Friends and family
Favorite colors : Black, red, yellow
Favorite Television show : Real Housewives of ....
I’m most comfortable : In a crowd of people
Why am I a DJ : Because I am a great communicator and I love to talk
Most unusual radio gig : In a chicken coop
If I could stalk one celeb who would it be? : Penelope Cruz
Craziest thing I ever did : Took a Greyhound bus across the country with only a backpack!
The thing I most remember about my parents : How happy they appeared, before they split!
The thing I admire most in a person & myself : Enjoying what I have and not what someone else has.
Something not many people know about me : That I wanted to be a nun as a child
My most unusual job : Working in a factory for 3 weeks making styro-foam!



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