Pet Of The Week

This week’s Pet of the Week from the Waterford branch of the CT Humane Society is “Benjamin”.  “Benjamin” is an approximately 8 week old, domestic short haired kitten.  This active little guy, is very talkative,  loves attention and would benefit from having a feline sibling.  If you are interested in “Benjamin”, please visit our website, for more information and an adoption application.

The Connecticut Humane Society will be opening adoptions by appointment ONLY. We have a strong team of animal care professionals taking care of our animals’ basic needs and providing extra TLC and daily enrichment and every measure to keep our staff, animals and clients safe will be taken during this time. If you’re interested in adopting this pet, please submit an application for consideration and a member of the team at CHS will be in touch soon. Please keep your cell phone handy, as we’ll make an attempt to call you as your application is received. My foster mom says that I love attention and would enjoy a home with another cat. Oh this kitten sure is cute!!! Adopting a kitten is a very important decision. This itty bitty kitty will grow into a cat that will depend on you for love and care for the rest of its life. Kittens are super playful and very curious so don’t forget to kitten-proof your home. Some kittens enjoy the company of other animals and some do not, but that can be determined at the shelter. Bringing home a new kitten is a fun and life changing event. The love and companionship that cats give are priceless and many people regard their new pet as a member of the family.