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Seth Alan Hughes


Best quality : I have a truck… So I help EVERYBODY move… It might be time to consider down sizing. Oh… and I have a killer sense of direction.

Favorite season : Fall

My favorite hobby : Golf… just please don’t listen to the “colorful” language when I play.

Favorite place to relax : Any Backyard with good friends and cold adult beverages

Favorite food : I’d knock people over for a good plate of chicken wings with homemade blue cheese dressing. I’m drooling on the keyboard thinking about it. I apologize to whoever uses this next.

Favorite dessert : Boston Crème Pie… It’s also my biggest pet peeve. Boston Crème Pie is cake already!

The one thing I would change about humanity : I wish some people would stop taking themselves so darn seriously. Carefully remove the stick and have some fun!

What I enjoy the most : Mountains and water together

Favorite colors : Blue, Green

Favorite Television show : Maury… Makes me feel REAL solid about the way I’m living life.

I’m most comfortable : In a pair of $10 jeans

Why am I a DJ? : My high school guidance counselor said there were no other options.

If I could stalk one celeb who would it be? : Robin from How I Met Your Mother… She’s all hot… and Canadian. I’d listen to her say “about” all day long.

Craziest thing I ever did : I once told a police officer with a big chip on his shoulder that cops and dj’s are the same person. Only difference is: Dj’s didn’t get enough attention in high school… Cops didn’t get enough respect. I got a ticket… a big one. I love police officers though… just not that one.

Something not many people know about me : I’m not fat…. Momma says I’s husky.

My most unusual job : Applying “Bag Balm” to Holstein cows… I grew up on a farm.

Most proud of : My ability to curb my road rage