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Shawn Murphy’s Bio

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I always knew I’d be a broadcaster of some kind. My mom told me I used to play ‘DJ’ on the floor of the living room as a small child. When I turned 15, I got my first ‘big break’ by becoming a DJ at the local roller skating rink. Once I got that microphone in front of me, my fate was sealed. Broadcasting, here I came.

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Best quality : My ability to borrow money from people

Favorite season : Football season

My favorite hobby : Playing video games

Favorite place to relax : My Couch

Favorite food : Pizza, Mmmmmm

Favorite dessert : Let’s go with Pizza again!

The one thing I would change about humanity : I would make them more like Martians.

What I enjoy the most : Broadcasting, it’s in my blood.

Favorite colors : Green, I’m Irish.

Favorite Television show : The Soup on E!

I’m most comfortable : Naked, but my neighbors disagree

Why am I a DJ? : I prefer to not actually have to work for a living.

If I could stalk one celeb who would it be? : I’m sorry, but those records have been permanently sealed.

Something not many people know about me : I’ve never been drunk. That’s the truth. I just never really acquired a taste for alcohol, odd for someone with a name like ‘Shawn Murphy’, huh?

Most proud of : The U.S.A. (Waves the flag!)